Oct. 31 - Halloween
Nov. 22 - 25th Thanksgiving
Dec. 23 - Jan 1st Christmas
Feb. 19 - 24th Winter Break
Apr. 23 - 28th Spring Break
May 26 - 28th Memorial Weekend

Tuition payments must be paid by the 1st class of every month. Classes that are missed due to illness or vacation are not pro-rated or refunded, but can be made up within the month. Payments made are non-refundable. $5 late fee every week tuition is late. Students will be placed in a class level as determined by your teacher. New students may be asked to take a placement class for the first week, to see if they are at the appropriate level. If a student needs to discontinue class or transfer to another class, notice must be given to the desk, so we know there are changes that need to be made to our books. Costume payments are due, in full, by the 1st week in January, no exceptions. If you are not planning on attending the recital, please let the desk know so you won't be responsible for a costume. Please be prompt in picking up your children. They are to remain in the waiting area, not outside or on the stairs. We are not responsible for children once they leave the dance rooms/studios. Parents are welcome to remain in the lobby during classes and observe through the windows. Although we understand the need to bring younger siblings to the studio, please supervise them so that classes are not interrupted. In addition, children should not be left unattended in the waiting room area or outside the studio. It is not the reponsibility of the instructor or studio for loss of materials or items left in the studio. Please remember we take pride in our studio, so please be organized with your belongings and clean up any food items when you are done.

Our studio is a place of learning - please, there is to be no running around or disrupting classes. Dancenter reserves the right to dismiss or refuse classes to anyone who does not comply with our rules or who otherwise in our judgment disrupt the harmony and reputation of our studio. Dancenter is not responsible for costumes, videos, pictures etc left after 30 days. No refunds on costumes. If you need to cancel a private lesson please call the studio 1 hour in advance so we can notify the teacher.

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